Troubled Partnership – Kissinger to Wehner

Kissingers dedication to Herbert Wehner – in German: „Für Herbert Wehner/Mit herzlich guten Wünschen und großem Respekt – Henry A. Kissinger/Cambridge/3. Februar 1966“

In 1965 Henry A. Kissinger, US-Secretary-of-State-to-be, published the German edition of his book „The Troubled Partnership“ under the title „Was wird aus der westlichen Allianz?“. This week, going through the library of the Herbert-and-Greta-Wehner-Foundation in Dresden, we discovered a copy of the book, containing a hand-written dedication which reads thus: „To Herbert Wehner – With warm good wishes and high regard“. This may refer to a longer, mind-opening discussion Kissinger had with Wehner in 1965 (cf. „Die Pläne von Willy Brandt entsetzten Kissinger“,

Herbert Wehner (1966)

Today, we think, (at least but not only) the opening sentence of Kissingers work is as valid as ever before: „The development of closer Atlantic relations was the greatest constructive act of American foreign policy since the end of World War II.“ (re-translated from German: „Die Entwicklung engerer atlantischer Beziehungen war die größte konstruktive Tat der amerikanischen Außenpolitik seit dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges.“)

A few weeks before the US Presidential elections there is a President and candidate of the Republican party (Kissingers party!) trying to get re-elected who obiously is not able to act constructively. Europe, Germany as well as the U.S. have to fear not only a troubled partnership but eventually in the end no partnership at all. This would be a menace to peace on Earth. So the outcome of these elections is crucial to all of us.


Troubled Partnership – Kissinger to Wehner
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